Happy Birthday Mr. President

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ronald_reagan-2Today is the 100th birthday of Ronald Wilson Reagan, by far the greatest statesman and patriot that has held the office of the President of the United States in my lifetime and arguably one of the greatest of all time.

I was 10 years old the first time I ever heard Reagan speak and it completely captured my attention and imagination. After suffering through several years of the Carter administration - under which my family lost our house, my parents lost their jobs, and generally everything in our life went to hell - here was a man who talked not about the malaise our country was suffering under but about America as a shining city on a hill. You could feel his love and respect for this country and her peoples every time he spoke.

Even at 10 years old I knew this country was a very special place. While I did not understand all the ins and outs of politics, I did understand that the country I was blessed to be born in was indeed a very special place. Here was a man who wanted to be president who felt the way I did and was not afraid to say so.

I decided I liked this man.

Say what you will about him – he was just an actor, an empty suit, senile, or whatever other slur you can think of – it does not matter. If the man was such a horrible president, then why have all presidents since – especially the buffoon currently residing in the Whitehouse – attempted to cast themselves as a second coming of this man? If he was just an empty suit then why the desire by politicians to be labeled as “Reaganesque”? If he was such a clueless moron then why is he the standard that all modern presidents are measured against?

It’s because he was truly a great man and president.

And I miss him.

A lot.

Thank you for long ago showing a young boy what presidential is and what America should be.

Godspeed Ronald Wilson Reagan.

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