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After staring at the same old blog design for most of this year, I decided to do something new.

So here it is!

The quote in the upper right is my all time favorite quote by anyone, anywhere. I first read it when I was about 13 years old or so and it has stuck with me ever since. Life is an amazing gift and one should experience as much as possible while you are in this world and not get stuck in any one part of it. DO THINGS! DO MANY THINGS! Master some, do some well, and fail at some. The most important thing is to experience life.

In other change related news, tomorrow is Windows Phone 7 launch day! I will be getting a Samsung Focus and about five minutes after that I will be testing my top secret new game on it. It’s been difficult at times to test things using the emulator in the WP7 SDK since the system it is running on is about 100 times as powerful as the phone and garbage cleanup is handled much differently on the PC side versus the phone side. There was an interesting session at PDC 2010 discussing optimizing garbage collection on WP7. I think I have implemented the best practices mentioned in the session, but the proof will be when it runs on the actual hardware.

I’ll be posting some thoughts and demo code for WP7 later this week, so stay tuned!

Oh, and about the election? How's that for change! 

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Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers
11/10/2010 4:33:07 PM #

That quote is amazing...  had to share it with my girlfriend sitting here next to me.  Pure awesome with a side of awesome.

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