Stargate Universe is Back!

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Just got done watching episode one of season two and it was quite satisfying. This truly is a great show. SyFy has a real gem on their hands.

SGU avoids all the campiness of the other Stargate shows, is paced extremely well, and is incredibly deep in character development, interaction and growth. The balance between action, tension, and character development is perfect. The story arcs are well thought out and quite deep. It is great to watch a show that actually gives a crap about developing characters that are believable, with real flaws and issues, and not 2D cartoonish stereotypes out of central casting. Mind you, I did like the other Stargate shows (I’ve literally seen every episode of every show), but this one just blows them away on so many levels. Heck, I even love the music – though it makes me miss my old Moog quite a bit. If I had one complaint about SGU it would be that there is only one new episode a week.

A highly recommended show and one worthy of adding to the ol’ Blue-ray collection.

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