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So Stephen Colbert is to testify in front of Congress today at the behest of the Democrat majority. It seems the hearing is about illegal immigrants and farm work. Colbert recently spent one day working on a farm. WTF?!? Seriously? So he’s an expert? Wow.

Hey! I just boiled an egg, can I be the new head chef at the Whitehouse? Does anyone with half of half a brain really think one day of farm work or boiling an egg makes you an expert on the particular subject? Nah... That would be retarded! I mean come on!

In other news, yesterday the very same Democrat majority changed the federal language defining mental retardation.

I guess ya gotta CYA.

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9/24/2010 4:27:13 PM #

I watched it...  despite being funny, as Colbert usually is, it was in incredibly poor taste and entirely out of place. I think that he even knew her shouldn't really be there...  but his greed for fame got the best of him and he went anyway.

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